by Nico Perrino. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. 796 Followers. On today’s episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, we are joined by senior editor at The Atlantic Kate Julian and FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff to discuss rising rates of childhood depression, anxiety, and suicide. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. With this somewhat unexpected victory, the So That Happened team takes a deep dive into the messy transition process for Trump, and questions what will happen to the Affordable … Jemima: So when I was working at Buzzfeed, I wrote an article about how I was mad that McDonald’s stopped flurrying their McFlurries and I got so many comments from people being like, this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. ... We have felt your support, and we are both so grateful. So That Happened took our show live!! Kate Julian: Thank you so much for having me. So then I was like, well, … Last updated December 12, 2020 . Nico Perrino: Kate Julien, Greg Lukianoff, welcome to the show. Their initial statement read: "consisting mostly of email addresses, but with a subset including also contact and order details such as first and last name, postal address, email address and phone number." 42:57 The So That Happened Shutdown Special Jan 23, 2018 53:20 The Government Might Shut Down Because No One Knows What Donald Trump Wants Jan 18, 2018 45:41 What We Talk About When We Talk About Government Shutdowns Jan 11, 2018 On this week's "So That Happened," HuffPost money-in-politics reporter Paul Blumenthal explains the several federal laws that Junior might have broken. So - That Happened By WisCommunity. How might these … Let me tell you a bedtime story. The best podcasts of 2020 come in a range of genres, ... it really covers so much more than that. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps. Location: Remotely Date: Monday 21st December Company: Ledger Role: CEO In July of this year, Ledger was made aware of a data breach on their website. See you June 10th An inside-the-beltway show that's truly for beltway outsiders. Each week the HuffPost Politics team offers an entertaining alternative to the Sunday shows you've stopped watching. A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things! Playlists Playlists from our community. The Sneak, a new podcast from For The Win and USA TODAY Sports, tells true crime stories from around the world of sports. But we also called out some notable people who shared our content and commended our work on … We also encourage you to check out other HuffPost Podcasts: HuffPost Comedy's "Too Long; Didn't Listen," the HuffPost Weird News Podcast, HuffPost Politics' "Drinking and Talking," HuffPost Live's "Fine Print" and HuffPost Entertainment's Podcast. How it Works. Podcast Academy Learn podcasting ☰ MORE | Login. In the previous episode of So Here’s What Happened in Lovecraft Country!, LaNeysha and I discussed how the happenings of the first two episodes handily laid the foundation for great characters and world building, and got into all the little clues that caught our eye, and gave theories about what may or may not happen throughout the show’s run. They don’t hold back and get into it all. Subscribe on Android to So That Happened!!! English (en-us) × Close. Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) For the first time ever, So That Happened took our show live!! "Even the visual of it was plutocracy," Alexis Goldstein of Americans for Financial Reform told So That Happened. This week, we are joined by the host of MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes," who in case you haven't figured it out is named Chris Hayes. Stream Tracks and Playlists from So That Happened on your desktop or mobile device. Hot Podcasts Popular shows today. So, that happened. January 5, 2021. A slightly irregular podcast about life in Western Wisconsin. So, with that said, here are my top weird theories for the Roswell affair. Please check any quotations against the audio recording. Subscribe on Android. So That Happened A weekly comedic podcast focusing mainly on chick flicks with occasional testosterone infused romps. Curated Podcasts Recommended by media. with Kate Julian and Greg Lukianoff. Best Podcasts Recommended by us. This week, we are joined by the host of MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes," who in case you haven't figured it out is named Chris Hayes. Washington DC. Never miss an episode: Subscribe to "So, That Happened" on iTunes, and if you like what you hear, please leave a review. 1/ Federal prosecutors said there was “strong evidence” the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol planned to “capture and assassinate elected officials.” Hours later, however, the head of the investigation cautioned that the probe is still in its early stages and there was “no direct evidence of kill and capture teams.” Episode 18: So That Happened Play Like Play Next Mark Played For various reasons, including lawyers, it's been roughly half a season since a full podcast. "Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton were actually dressed in tuxedos while the vote was going down. So Then What Happened By Stacy Moise A comedian and writer hosts a podcast interviewing entertainers and artists to discuss some of their most weird, tragic … Dr Marry and I had a wide ranging conversation this week, based on some of what we talked about in the video post earlier this week. By So That Happened and HuffPost Politics. So, that happened. Subscribe on Android by So *that* happened, Donald Trump is now President-elect of the United States. So, what happened? So to Speak podcast transcript: What happened to American childhood? So Here’s What Happened! On September 22nd, 2017 we hosted our first LIVE Double Feature movie night at Altones in Jewett City, CT. ‎A comedic podcast mostly about chick flicks with the occasional testosterone-infused film thrown in for good measure. Here’s number one: The late Jim Keith was the author of a number of conspiracy/UFO-themed books, including Casebook on the Men in Black ; The Octopus (co-written with Kenn Thomas); and Black Helicopters Over America . Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. 4c. So, what happened? Chris Hayes Says Policing Divides America In Two On this week’s episode of So That Happened, the Huffington Post’s weekly news-roundup podcast, we’re joined by the host Subscribe to your favorite podcast with your Android device. Wardless: A Post-Mormon Field Guide – a podcast for understanding common experiences and emotions you may encounter as a result of leaving the Mormon church, as told through our stories. Field guide – a book designed to help the reader identify wildlife or other objects of natural occurrence. Yeah, here we are. Email us:, Follow us – @HuffPostPodcast, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts. In this podcast, we talk about some points that were raised from some of you, and we attempt to try to dig a little deeper into what our reaction to something like this would have been when we were in the thick of it. In this special Christmas-themed episode LaNeysha and I do fun and short game of Christmas Movie Bingo where we tried to see what Lifetime film we watched had the most clichés. Don't miss an episode of So That Happened. That means there's a lot to talk about. They are a place for it to rest so that it doesn't wander away and get into trouble, and in the world we're living in now it is so easy for it to find trouble. 3 Tracks. We introduce you to some of the guys here from 973 The Fan that we are stoked to be working with. with your favorite Android podcast app. Play free podcast episodes on-demand with iHeartRadio. We talk about news and newsmakers in the Chippewa Valley, politics, food, sustainability, the … Listen on iTunes and Stitcher. A Colony In A Nation On A Podcast. Try something different. There are, however, some lesser known scenarios for what happened. (podcast) by Dayna Del Val. September 7, 2020 The Mini Break Podcast 2020 US Open, All Articles, Professional Tennis, Tennis Podcast, The Mini Break, US Open Comments Off on So, What Happened on Sunday… (US Open Day 7 Recap) [Podcast] Along with their ou. Find similar podcasts. "Former Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.), who harshly criticized Trump all the way back in 2015, noted on the podcast that Republicans still agree with the president on policy. So That Happened!!! took a mini-break after our Lovecraft Country recaps, but we’re back on track with this last episode of 2020. It just so happened that my Great-Aunt Charlotte, my grandmother’s sister, was visiting nearby at the time that I went down. The Tennis Podcast: Billie Jean King on what would have happened with Battle of the Sexes defeat More than 30,000 people packed into the Houston Astrodome and … The Sneak Podcast by USA TODAY Sports and For The Win – A deep dive into the obsessive mind of a thief and his heist that has strayed so far from what happened… On September 22nd, 2017 we hosted our first LIVE Double Feature movie night at Altones in Jewett City, CT. We showed Gone in … Ben has a bad new habit. Classified Ads Help needed for podcasts. ... and what really happened during our country's most seminal events. Note: This is an unedited rush transcript. Listen to ‘1619,’ a Podcast From The New York Times. And....Woods may die in Europe.