Head forward and turn left into the dark corridor just before the ladder. Grab the two Archive Logs here before moving on. YES NO. 041 Prep the Patients – For this next log you’ll need to head up to the Crisis Stabilization area. 008 Terminal Riot - Now head into the storeroom that unlocks after you restore the power. Follow the right wall and pass through the doorway marked Synthetic Storage to find the last two logs of this mission on the terminal on the desk to your right. Grab the audio recorder off the table to collect the next audio log. 051 Human Touch; 052 Duty Roster; 053 Medical Record 2; 054 Medical Record 3; 055 The Incident – Once you enter the next area of the mission, head down the right-most hallway and follow the corridor around to the Emergency Room. Mission 5 - Archive Logs. Move into the small room at the back right corner and grab the recorder off the bed. Now follow the hallway to the left, taking the first left turn you can make, followed by a right turn. There are over 150 total archive logs in Alien: Isolation. Access this computer to grab the next three logs before continuing. 005 Moved Out Stash; 006 Goodbye From Seegson; 007 Kill the Power - The next three logs you’ll need to pick up are located on the computer inside the center booth, the same computer you used to restore the power to the shutter in Departures. There are a total of 151 archive logs in the main game, plus 10 Nostromo audio logs. 146 Goodbye – With your last log in play head over to Solomons Habitation Tower. If you do end up missing some of the ID tags though i have put a list of them in the TAKEN TROPHY that you can compare the names against your log page in game by pressing the touch pad and then pressing R1 twice. The logs are saved automatically when you pick them up. Head up the stairs and make a u-like path to the right to find the tape recorder on the counter insider the booth, just to the left. All collectibles for Alien Isolation: Mission 4 - Seegson Communications. Use the terminal to grab the next two logs. Climb down the ladder under Apollo once you’re ready to finish the mission. You’ll know you’re on track when you head up a set of stairs and through a door and see the tape recorder on the right hand corner of the back desk. This is the same computer you use to open the shutters. Interact with the terminal on the desk inside to grab these three logs. 069 We Need Supplies – Once you climb down the ladder in the ventilation shaft from the Transit Control Room above, exit the vent and look to your right. The game is set 15 years after the events of the 1979 Alien film and follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of Alien … 131 Feeling Lucky – Follow the corridor from Ripley’s starting point on the Anesidora. 143 Shut Out; 144 Last Stand – These two Archive Logs can be found using the Sevastolink Terminal inside the burning Canteen. Ignore the room, instead heading through the doors directly across from it and grabbing the last two logs of this mission from the terminal on the desk before you. Follow the corridor into the first large room and then exit through the left door near the middle of the area. Use the Sevastolink Terminal on the desk to grab these logs. Head through this doorway until you see the small set of stairs and the receptionist booth on the right. Inside you’ll find a terminal with the last four logs of this mission. Crawl through the vent, immediately turning left at the bottom of the ladder. There are three Archive Logs in Mission 1. Directly in front of you at the bottom if the final terminal and set of collectibles you’ll grab for this mission. Notes: (*) denotes a continuous segment. Once you reach the long hallway littered with boxes and crates, turn left at the stairs and ignore the door that leads to your objective. Collect 100 archive logs… You should see the green glow of the terminal you need to access to grab these two collectibles. 150 Code on Blueprint – The next log is pretty easy to grab. Move through the maze of boxes and use the lever on the door to your right. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. You can view which Nostromo Logs you have collected under the map menu. Enter through the door on the left hand side of the room and use the terminal to the left to grab the next log. Collect all 10 Nostromo Logs to get the "Archivist" achievement. Page Tools A total of 151 Archive Logs can be found while exploring the Sevastopol in Alien: Isolation. Move to the center door and then up the short ramp inside. 056 Wy are Years Ahead; 057 Your Report – Head through the area from the start point, and once you reach the area with the humans, make your way around the room and up the ladder at the back. 137 Journal Entry #340 – Look just to the left of the flaming Android near the Relay Facility corridor and use your Cutting Torch to get through cover. You should see a door on the right requiring the Cutting Torch, so go ahead and open this door and head inside. 002 RE: Nostromo Incident; 003 Torrens Manifest - The final two Archive Logs of this mission are found in the Dining Room where Ripley first speaks with Taylor aboard the Torrens. 087 Seegson Funding; 088 Maintenance Systems – Once you pick up the Cutting Torch, head into the adjacent room and around the table to the left. The best moment to collect all Nostromo Logs is when you load mission #16. You should see the tape recorder on the counter. Follow our Alien Isolation all Archive Logs Locations Strategy Guide in which it will take you through the entire game and help you find all the 100 archive logs in the game and you will be able to unlock the voices of Sevastopol achievements and trophy in the game along with A Record of Disaster achievement / trophy. 096 What are Your Plans? Interact with the Sevastolink Terminal on the desk to grab the next two logs. On my Hard playthrough, I found well over 100 with little to no backtracking. A Seegson tape recorder, containing an audio log. There are a total of 50 ID Tags in Alien Isolation. Congratulations, player! Alien: Isolation trophies/achievements — A list of the trophies/achievements in the game. 073 Pointless Requests; 074 Hardware Problems; 075 An Outpost of Progress? As you sneak your way around the corridors of Alien: Isolation, you'll spot a number of old-school computer terminals. Give yourself a nice long clap of applause. From the Save Station in the transit station head up the right stairwell and through the door ahead.

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