The loan amount sanctioned would take care of: Some of the popular scholarships to study in masters in Germany are. Science and technology have always had a high priority in Germany. Please fill out a short questionnaire. The Federal Government of Germany created this Deutschland stipendium Program to reward talented students. Figure 1: Data science salaries in Germany (Data source: Glassdoor) Some of the high-demand degrees in Germany include medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, mathematics, natural science, computer sciences, and architecture. Compare 53 Universities & Colleges on fees, courses, scholarships, acceptance rate & eligibility requirements to study masters in Germany. Merely fulfilling the admission requirements does not guarantee admissions to the restricted program. or work as student assistants at the university or in the numerous non-university research institutions located in Potsdam. Ques. The four-semester master’s course granting a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Home to some of the best automotive industries, Business and management programs in Germany also attract a large number of international students. Let’s break down the list of expenses in categories and calculate the average amount required on a monthly basis: There are various funding options for international students in Germany, such as student loans and scholarships. The table below contains a list of leading Australian universities that offer the program along with annual tuition fees, duration and location of the university. Potsdam can boast 17 royal palaces and grand buildings. Over 22500 students benefit from this program. Data science has been called the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, and those who can manage and make sense of big data will undoubtedly take on some of the most important roles in the information age. Tuition fees per semester in EUR None Combined Master's degree / PhD programme No Joint degree / double degree programme No Description/content. Start Date. Apart from pursuing a career, a number of students prefer doing their PhD in Germany because of the humongous opportunities and the quality education offered. This is basically the tuition/semester fees that university charges. If you are looking for the 2020 admissions, please refer to Summer 2020 Deadlines for Masters (MS) in Germany. Admissions to Masters in Germany can either be restricted (fixed number of students are admitted) or unrestricted. An internship in industry is a possible option. The most important reason for studying in Germany is that most of the courses in computer science have no tuition fee or a very minimal amount to pay as tuition fees. More specialised courses help you engage with the current state of research in the chosen areas of focus. Some of the most popular MS courses offered in German Universities are listed below: TUM, TU Darmstadt, University of Freiburg. A: The universities in Germany generally charge no tuition fee. Students just have to pay a one-time enrollment fee which costs about 8,313 … 1-2 years of work experience is required to apply for a master in man... Masters in finance in Germany is a 2 years postgraduate course offered by a number of state sponsored universities and private universities. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Our residential M.S. The expenses, of course, would be slightly costlier than your current expenditure. and comprising 120 CP includes no specific required lectures, but rather: Choice of core lectures in “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence” (DSAI) (18 CP) Choice of core lectures in “Informatics“ (9 CP) In the 2019 Young University Ranking compiled by Times Higher Education, we were ranked #4 in Germany and #24 worldwide. In these programs, the time of application plays an important role in deciding whether you will be offered admissions or not. Study programmes are also continuously checked for quality. Graduate employability rankings suggest the universities employer reputation, student employer interaction, and other parameters. In fact, Potsdam is the city with the highest ratio of scientists and academics per capita in Germany. Situated alongside the Havel River and surrounded by lakes and greenery, Potsdam is the perfect spot for long strolls, running and swimming outdoors. There are great opportunities for anyone wishing to pursue postgraduate studies in Germany called as “the land of ideas”. Ans. LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, colleges for electrical engineering in Germany, institutes offer MS in Germany in Computer Science, Automotive Engineering colleges in Germany, universities providing MS in Chemical Engineering in Germany, funding options for international students in Germany. Data Science and Data Analytics in Europe Best Courses in Germany, UK, Switzerland and France for Data Science & Analytics Data has been spreading like wildfire in this digital modern world. The top ten countries for pursuing masters from Europe include Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Norway, and Slovenia. 34,500+ Students Empowered. The top 5 student preferred locations for pursuing masters are USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. But living in Potsdam is not only about connecting with its historical heritage. The duration of the Master of Management in German universities is 18-24 months. The Master Data Science at the IUBH deepens your knowledge of all areas of Data Science with contents like Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is mostly known for its business degrees, but they also offer one of the best data science degrees in Germany. Study tours and project work during the academic year, Purchase of books, laptop, and stationary, Other reasonable expenses that would be required to successfully complete the course. Masters in Data Science in UK: £21,000 ; £1,500. Senior roles (N=21) such as team leaders report salaries around EUR 100,000, but these roles often require years of experience in data science as well as management skills. Ques. Best regards, The table below shows tuition and fees for the M.S in Data Science - Online for the 2020-2021 academic year: M.S in Data Science - Online Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021-Indiana Resident Non-Resident International; Tuition (Per credit hour) $478.82: $782.71* $782.71* Distance Education Fee … An Masters in Germany can cost you anywhere near 300 GBP to 3000 GBP. There are several student dormitories in Potsdam. Data analysts (N=46) and data scientists (N=56) generally earn median salaries in the range of EUR 55,000. Furthermore, lots of tourist attractions in town, such as castles and museums, offer jobs for international students. 18 Months. Given below are the details of the popular universities offering masters in Germany: The cost of the study mentioned at these elites in Germany are approximate values of the most popular degrees, these may change with each year and with the choice of program. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Management) subjects account for 50% of all students applying in MS. While it is not easy to define data science in a few words, data science deals with the methods and tools needed to analyse (large amounts of) data and draw actionable conclusions from the results gained in the process. Recommended 12-15 hrs/week. Wherever the Times Higher Education Subject ranking is not available the QS Faculty ranking for 'Engineering & Technology' is used. Moreover, you can choose from a number of specialised programmes, such as a short-term summer course or a preparatory year. This article will be the guide to different key information on MS in Data Science in Germany – we will look into the top universities, eligibility, costs, and job prospects for international students. When planning to pursue Masters in Germany, international students must be familiar with the global rankings and the cost of studying at these popular German universities. If the mode of education of program is German you will also require TestDaf/DSH/Goethe etc as German language proficiency tests. MS in Data Science @ Ludwig Maximilians Universität’s — Germany. Ans. Is it easy to get a job in Germany after MS? With its many charming castles, surrounding woodland and lakes, Potsdam is the perfect choice for studying in an inspiring and history-soaked environment. 11507 Berlin Ans. Yes, as Germany is a land of opportunities. 50+ countries. Tuition per course: $4,550; Estimated cost for entire program (total with technology fee): $56,100; Notes/Exceptions. The cost of living will further add to 800-900 Euro a year. MS in Germany: Admission Process, 2018 Deadlines (Winter Semester), Eligibility and Fees. Berlin/Potsdam's lively start-up scene and many big data companies offer ample opportunities for internships. This unique one-year Master of Science (MSc) degree program enables students to develop interdisciplinary skills and gain a deep understanding of technical and applied knowledge in data science and analytics. Ans. However, minor semester fees and the cost of living are the other expenses involved when pursuing a Master in Germany. Language Proficiency: International students are required to submit proof of English as well as German language proficiency as many universities in Germany offers education in German. The interdisciplinary field of data science deals with methods for using data to automatically produce knowledge, insights, and … Master Business Intelligence - Creative Use of Digital Data. Watch. Germany. The Heinrich Boll scholarship is awarded to students who plan to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and those programs with a focus on Environmental Science. What exams are required for MS in Germany? MS in Germany is usually a one to two-year degree (2-4 semesters). The talented students are awarded around 300 Euros per month. Hence, pursuing masters in Germany is not as difficult as it is to pursue MS from US, Canada, or other contemporaries. Ques. If a student takes more time to complete the program, then an extra amount of fees is required to be submitted per semester. It might come across that studying abroad is expensive considering the factors such as moving to an entirely different country. Students looking to enroll themselves in this disciplin... Germany is one of the most popular destinations among international students because of world class education offered at low cost. Unlike popular. The rest of the costs involve renting and food which may make the expense of living in Germany a bit steep for Indians. The University of California, San Diego has the second-lowest tuition fees for this program ie. However, many students prefer to find an apartment in Potsdam or Berlin, which they often share with fellow students. Students after completing their MS get employment depending upon their subjects. A lot of student loans are available in India backed by government banks that are ready to help you complete your Masters in Germany. English Language Proficiency: IELTS: 6.5, Certificate or Mark Sheet of the latest educational qualification, The student must have obtained admission to a university/ course that is recognized by the funding institution and eligible for grant. Engineering and business masters degree holders may find it the easiest to work in Germany. Graduates from our courses go to become technical gurus, team-leaders of successful data-science teams or value-driven masterminds who turn data into action. 14482 Potsdam. Masters Programme The Masters programme in Management & Data Science is geared towards students wanting to advance their skills in the data analysis of real-world phenomena. It primarily involves obtaining the meaningful insights from the data which is processed through analytical study. With the completion of your studies, you are an expert in Data Science and by this, you can open doors to exciting and diverse jobs like Senior Data Scientist or Data Science Developer. However, in comparison to other top educational countries in Europe, Germany is reasonably affordable. Furthermore, the Career Service operates a database that is updated on a daily basis with internship and job opportunities. Awarded students may receive up to 1000 EUR/month or the sum covering enrollment fees, health insurance, and monthly requirements of books and stationery. Mathematical Data Science B.Sc. MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany: Top Univ... MBA in Germany: Top Business Schools, Eligibility,... English, CS, Data Science, Management, Economics, Management, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Data Science, English, Electrical Engineering, Economics, Economics, English, Social Work, Data Science, Neuroscience, epidemiology, medicine, health science, CS, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Data Science, Mechanical Engineering, CS, Energy Engineering, TU Berlin, TU Munich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Automotive Engineering, and Chemical Engineering are some of the most sought after courses of. Looking for MS Colleges in Germany? Ans. The following Data Science degrees are offered at the University of Gottingen. Ans. The Government of Germany has created this in participation between public and private institutions through sponsorships from businesses, foundations, private universities, and other institutions. Moreover, it provides a very safe living environment. In the town centre, one can find lots of inspiring theatres, concert halls and museums. There are about 2,50,000 international students studying in Germany in a specific year, among which around 37% take up engineering as their course of study. No, GRE scores or other standardized test scores are required by only a handful of universities and for some programs. For a fully-funded university and program, the chances are that you may not have any tuition fees. You can apply for a room in one of these dormitories if you are under the age of 30 and if the Master's degree at the University of Potsdam is your first Master's programme. We live in a data-driven world that’s generating huge volumes of information at ever-increasing rates via social media, financial transactions, transportation, and even scientific discovery. Ans. Digital Business & Data Science Bachelor of Science Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century. The student must have attained the age of 18 years or his/her parents should apply for the loan. It is a land for innovation, hard work and research and hence, is a study destination worth opting for. c/o uni-assist e.V. You can apply with a variety of higher education institutions offering a master's degree, such as Research universities, technical universities, universities of applied sciences, as well as college of arts, film and music. Learner Base. There is more number of MS restricted programs in comparison with unrestricted ones. Except one would have to pay a semester fee for student services which includes semester ticket for transportation etc. A degree in information systems or natural sciences qualifies you if your first degree strongly emphasised content from the areas of computer science or mathematics. This will only take a few minutes, Masters in data science is a 1.5 to 2 year course offered by numerous Institutions in Germany. Yes, Indian students form the 3rd largest group of international students in Germany. Depending on your background, bridge modules can complete gaps in the other respective discipline. GRE/GMAT may be required for certain degree programs but is not mandatory at each German university. Job opportunities for students alongside their studies are numerous. International students planning to pursue a professional career in Germany can join a special training programme, which will prepare them for applying to German employers. After completion of this program our graduates have the ability to analyze massive and complex data sets, design statistical models based on the latest in information technology. They are not mandatory for getting accepted as an MS student in Germany. An extended 18-month stay-back on the visa additionally helps the international students to find the aptest job for themselves. Given below is a graph comparing the minimum and maximum cost of studying popular specializations in Germany: It is best to first configure the list of basics or items you would need to survive while studying Masters in Germany. Have awareness about civil responsibilities by showing intent for social or political involvement. The Master's degree programme, which is taught in English, connects machine learning, statistical data analysis, natural scientific methods of data assimilation, and business analytics. Yes Masters in Germany is free to an extent. in restaurants, cinemas, museums, theatres, etc.) Ques. The tuition fees of this university for MS in Data Science program is 21,389. Berlin/Potsdam's lively start-up scene and many big data companies offer ample opportunities for internships. Germany is one of the popular study destinations for MS (masters) aspirants. It all started when the enlightened King Frederick the Great dreamed up Sanssouci Palace and its magnificent park in 1745. In seminars, you will work through complex topics, and in the module of applied data science, you will apply the competences you have acquired in a practical manner. which is around 500 Euro or less per semester. International students are required to take IELTS/TOEFL as English language proficiency tests. Some universities accept applications through their own application portal. The programme offers broad and interdisciplinary structured training in methods and is characterised by a strong emphasis on practice and research. and via mail to uni-assist: Universität Potsdam Application—Master’s Mathematics in Data Science; 2. The School of Data Science offers a cutting-edge academic and professional experience that strives to be affordable to any student qualified to attend. Ques. Out of 426 recognized universities, three ranks among the top 100 QS World University Rankings (2020), and 12 rank among the top 200. This ranges from 400 EUR - 500 EUR. Is GRE mandatory for pursuing MS in Germany? Although the fees vary from university to university, the average tuition fees and monthly cost of living for master’s in data science in different countries are: Masters in Data Science in USA: $45,000 ; $1,000. Through workshops, seminars, and counselling services, students and graduates receive assistance in developing their skills for up to one year after graduation. The university should provide you with documents that would mention the fee as well as the entire amount required for completion of the course. Data science is a “concept to unify statistics, data analysis, machine learning and their related methods” in order to “understand and analyze actual phenomena” with data. With Industry Experts From. Cost of Studying Data Science . International students must ensure that they visit the official websites and look for the tuition fees of the program they wish to apply for. Nowadays, the research and study of social sciences of the internet (the life online) is so relevant for people, businesses and governments that will play competitive advantages at regional, country and global landscapes in the short future. However, the loan sanctioned by an institution would be solely for educational purposes and not cover personal expenses. MS in Germany attracted over 150,000 students for the year 2019-20. Learn more about how you can apply for financial aid. These are not only most sought after degree but also the highest-paid degrees in Germany. The standard time of funding is usually two semesters but it can be extended if the university sees the student is eligible for more. Cost of studying in Germany (in Indian Rupees and Euros) Germany is extremely pocket friendly. As per the above-mentioned cost of study, Indian students may have to pay the lowest annual tuition fee of 11,825 INR and the highest fee of 2,73,465 INR per annum. You can find the exact prerequisites for admission in the subject-specific admission regulations for the Master's degree programme in data science. Intro Video. Tuition levels are reviewed on a yearly basis and can be adjusted based on market dynamics. Core courses provide you with an overarching understanding of machine learning and deep learning, statistical data analysis, data assimilation, business analytics, and big data infrastructures. August-Bebel-Str. Compare 29 Universities & Colleges on fees, courses, scholarships, acceptance rate & eligibility requirements to study masters in Computer Science in Germany. On average, when an adjustment has been made, it has been approximately +/- 3.5%. Ques. Ans. Ques. Today Potsdam’s palaces and parks form one of Germany’s biggest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Jan 30, 2021. Students at the University of Potsdam benefit from our co-operations with more than 40 internationally renowned research institutes in the region, such as the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research or the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics. Application Fees: Fees for applying via uni-assist portal is: While each university’s application requirements differ, the primary documents required for Masters in Germany admission include: Once these documents and other requirements are fulfilled and accepted, international students must apply for their German student visa. They provide several scholarships to German and international students, including refugees, at all degree levels. This score may range from 6.5-8.0 depending on the choice of course and university. In the research module, you will be connected to a research project at the University of Potsdam or one of Potsdam's many research institutions. Graduates are highly trained, qualified data scientists who can pursue careers in industry, government or research. Data Science. Due to the the smart use of data is a decisive competitive factor today, data scientists, system architects or data consultants are in great demand on the market. Program fee of universities offeri... PhD in Germany is a 3 to 4 year program offered with no tuition fees at most of the universities. Ans. An immersive education on a world-renowned campus. 33,480 USD per annum. The rise of data science and related technologies is so significant that universities across the world have started offering Master’s programmes in Data Science. The Career Service also offers a mentoring programme for female students, which thus gives them the opportunity to be individually mentored by experienced professionals. Germany is famous for its education system and hosts some of the most prestigious and elite institutions on the planet. Indian students make up 13% of the international student population in Germany. Additionally, an MS in Germany can offer you with a great package at some of the industry giants, Engineering aspirants should not overlook the fact that Germany has proved its metal in various upcoming fields like automotive engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, etc. Both of them are discussed briefly in this section. The score required will depend. MS in Germany is usually a one to two-year degree (2-4 semesters). The Data Science Master provides you with comprehensive methodological knowledge for well-founded data retrieval as well as intelligent and automatic data evaluation. If you’re someone who enjoys big cities, then just hop on the next train and within only 30 minutes, you’ll reach Germany’s bustling capital, Berlin. Potsdam is also home to one of the world’s oldest film studios, Studio Babelsberg. Q: What is the total expenditure for an MS in Germany (Data Science) at a top university? A first degree in either computer science or mathematics qualifies you for this Master's degree in any case. Online. Which masters degree in most in-demand in Germany? Among the top ten universities, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor offers the cheapest masters in data science in US. These are administered exclusively by Potsdam's Association for Student Affairs ("Studentenwerk Potsdam"). Germany is an industrial powerhouse and is filled with opportunities for students pursuing MS. With a 2.4% unemployment rate, it enjoys very high employability for its students. Best Universities for Masters in Data Science & Analytics in Germany . We offer a broad range of degree programmes in various fields, including 21 Master’s degree programmes in English. The organization supports over 100,000 national and international students and researchers for their work. Famous movies like Metropolis, Inglorious Basterds or The Grand Budapest Hotel were filmed here. Besides, there are also a few private dormitories in Potsdam, to which these conditions do not apply. Dear students and all interested parties. The test scores required are: German Language Proficiency: DSH Level II or I, Goethe: C1 or C2 level, TestDaf: Level 2-4. While pursuing education as an Indian student in Germany, you apply for the scholarships available exclusively for Indian students and can work while studying in Germany for up to 20 hours a week. Depending on personal and professional skills, students can find jobs in the service sector (e.g. This basically means that there is no tuition fees charged by most of the public universities in Germany. With its insurmountable generation has come the need for experts to manage and comprehend the resource that is hidden within its 0s and 1s. Teaching at the university is always strongly influenced by up-to-date research and driven by the latest scientific findings within and outside academia. The city also has a lot in store for nature addicts. The current era is becoming a digital space where each organization deals wit… 2,479 INR per application in the same semester. Masters in business analytics in Germany is a 1 to 3 years program offered by more than 10 universities in Germany. Though these are some of the most popular programs, there are a variety of other masters degrees that you can pursue in Germany. One can easily explore the city and its surroundings by bike. Study Masters in Engineering in Germany: Top Unive... Master Of Management in Germany: Top Universities,... Study PhD in Germany as International Students. Other scholarships are dedicated to students who apply to economic, legal studies, journalism, and art degrees. Master of Science in Data Science Kick-start your Data Science journey with Globally Recognised Master's from Liverpool John Moores University . German education systems are rather more simplified and student-friendly as compared to other countries. Robust servers and computer clusters are available for experimenting with large-scale datasets throughout labs at WPI, including many interdisciplinary facilities. The interdisciplinary structured Master's degree in data science combines content from computer science, mathematics, information systems, and the natural sciences. This Data Science program is an interdisciplinary program that is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at LMU Munich. There is no tuition fee for pursuing masters in Germany, as most of the German Universities are state-funded. Most of the costs are covered by the state so you may end up paying only a few hundred Euros (up to INR 25,000) in semester fees. 89 Germany tops this list for offering world-class teaching, research-intensive degrees at cheaper value. A city of royal residences and enchanting park landscapes, the centre of the German enlightenment, a hotspot of international film production: Potsdam is all of this – and much more. The Harvard Business Review has labelled data science the "sexiest job of the 21st century".If they meant that jobs in data science are increasing dramatically, that data scientists can work in fields as diverse as health, retail or ecology, and that data scientists are commanding high salaries, then they were spot on. For additional information, please consult the subject-specific degree regulations or the Departmental Advisory Office. How much CGPA is required for MS in Germany? Which country is best for MS in Europe? They also have a program for developing countries. There is no tuition fee for pursuing masters in Germany, as most of the German Universities are state-funded. As a young city, Potsdam offers good conditions for families, providing lots of childcare and family support facilities. The programme requires proof of good English skills corresponding at least to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students just have to pay a one-time enrollment fee which costs about 8,313 EUR to 16,626 EUR depending on the choice of program. The German capital, Berlin, is located just around the corner and students can also find jobs there. Please submit your application online Please visit the websites of the universities for up-to-date information. Innovation springs from bright minds - our international Master programme puts you into the driver seat of your future career in Data Science.

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