2 Super Saiyan 3 Trunks The first time Trunks turns Super Saiyan on-screen is while training with Vegeta. Grade 3 is an ‘artificial’ form that was ‘invented’ by Saiyans who trained rigorously to increase their strength above all else. When in Super Saiyan, it stacks ATK and DEF infinetly, allowing it to tank Super Attacks easily from the last portion of this fight. Vegeta taps into the form for the first time while fighting Jiren. I Never put thought into it But I decided to Recreate the Scene In Dragon Ball Super Where in the Future Trunks saga, Trunks Transforms Into the Super Saiyan rage Transformation, I don't Understand exactly the form but it was cool though, Anyways Decided to do another Trunks Because I wanted to do something different and the fact that Not many are doing trunks so Gotta Give trunks some love too. Unable to do any significant damage to his foe, Vegeta thinks back to the now erased Cabba. I’ve created a theory that might be the key to how Trunks got Super Saiyan Rage. Considering the transformation was introduced seven arcs into Dragon Ball ’s original ten arc run, it’s kind of hard to believe the Super Saiyan form has almost become synonymous with the rest. What that was about I don’t know. More importantly, the active skill transforms Trunks into Super Saiyan Rage and allows it to change a random color of orbs into TEQ … Super Saiyan Grade 3 probably didn’t need to exist actually. To be fair, the Sword is just a byproduct of Future Trunks’ Spirit Bomb Super Saiyan maneuver, but Xenoverse 2 treats it like an actual transformation that takes over the character since his sword transforms. DLC Super Pack 4 brings Future Trunks’ Sword of Hope into the mix. Early in Super, Beerus stated something about the ‘contagiousness’ of God Ki. Over half of Dragon Ball existed without this form, and now Super Saiyan is simply a part of the series’ DNA. Super Saiyan Rage is a transformation ability achieved by Trunks through immense emotional rage.1 Upon transforming into then form, the Saiyan loses their irises as they are enraged. Hello Hi Dosto Umeed Karta Hn Ke Ap Sabhi Ko Ye Video Acha Laga Ho GaSo Please Like Karna Mat bhulnaOr Unsubscribe Mat Kia Karo Yar The Saiyan's body has little no physical changes except the hair is extended from Super Saiyan 2. The first time Trunks shows his new transformation to the world is when he fights Goten during the finale of the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai's Junior Division. Trunks needs Super Saiyan 2 to get Super Saiyan Rage. Just like how Trunks got the anime exclusive Super Saiyan Rage, Vegeta got the anime exclusive Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. Super Saiyan Rage (超サイヤ人怒り; Sūpā Saiya-jin Ikari)2 is a Super Saiyan Transformation assumed by Future Trunks through the power of intense rage during the conflict with Goku Black and Future Zamasu in the alternate timeline. However, their irises later reappear. The duo mocked Future Trunks for his inability to keep his timeline safe, and the hero reacted by diving into a transformation that is most commonly called Super Saiyan Rage. Kid Trunks became a Super Saiyan at a very young age. 3 Super Saiyan Rage Future Trunks (Super Trunks)

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