The OST "Mitti kay Parindey' was composed by Syed Suhail Haider and its lyrics were written by Kashif Anwar. Zubiya yells and after Rehan and Sheema find them in the room together, the man falsely accuses Zubiya of calling him to repair her laptop and asking him for sexual favours. If talk about the releasing of hum tv new drama Yaqeen ka safar then it would be released on 24 April 2017. With Suhaee Abro, Farhan Ali Agha, Sajjal Ali, Munazzah Arif. The play is written by Farhat Ishtiaq is known for his excellent work like Udaari, Diyar e Dil, and Humsafar. Each and every actor’s performance was worth watching. So, now I am going to share Yaqeen Ka Safar cast including Sajal Ali, Hira Mani, Noman Masood, Farhan Ali Agha, Zainab Qayyum (ZQ), Ehtesham Uddin, Fazila Qazi, Huma Nawab, Sabiha Sumar, Suhaee Abro, Beenish Raja, Shaz Khan, Ahad Mir, Afraz Rasool, Jahanzeb, Ayesha Khan (Junior), and Others. After some time Zubiya realizes that Gaeti and Dr. Haroon (Zubiya's colleague) can get married as Dr. Haroon also lost his dearest wife in an accident just like Gaeti lost Daniyal. Asfandyar looks up to Daniyal, his elder brother, and aspires to become a doctor. The show aired on Hum Europe in the UK,[16] Hum TV USA in USA[16] and Hum TV Mena in UAE,[16] with the same times and premiere date. A girl who witnessed her mother murdered by her father. Watch The Title Track of Yaqeen ka Safar Below: There is a huge collection of Dramas including, Alif, Dunk, Mushk, Alif Allah or insaan, yaqeen ka safar, Zindagi gulzar hai, Man mayal, Humsafar, Mere paas tum ho, Sher e zaat etc etc….. Her character in YKS was one of the few serious roles Hira has done but she carried it out to perfection. He locks himself in his office and cries remembering his brother. Series Movies Tv Series Jago Pakistan Sajjal Ali Girly Quotes Best Actor Beautiful Celebrities Pakistani It Cast. Ahad Raza Mir who made his television debut in Sammi was finalised after his success as portraying the role of Salar in Sammi. It was broadcast by Hum Network's new channel Hum World HD for US and Canada. Faryal is shown as a very conceited girl who thinks too high of herself. When Zubiya learns that he is also the brother in law of Gaeti she became angry and didn't talk to Gaeti as she blames her for not telling her this and believes that now Asfandyar will think as if Dr. Zubiya is trying to impress his family to gain benefits and profit in her job. Yes guys, I’m talking about our very own and very handsome Ahad raza Mir. Till now Nawal Saeed has worked in Yaqeen Ka Safar, Aik Aam Si Larki, Bezuban, Maah e Tamaam, Anmol, Suno Na, and Soteli Mamta. As soon as she was about to complete her MBBS and her marriage was fixed, Khalil dies. In the end, everything was worth it and happened for a reason. Wo Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar is authored by Farhat Ishtiaq. Asfandyar without a second thought risks his life to save hers, he rescues her before she could drown completely. Her acting was not too good, but nevertheless, she played out her character well enough as Faryal. Yakeen Ka Safar OST Song & Teaser. She breaks off her engagement when Daniyals death is termed as a suicide and marries someone else. Her family gets worried as they wait for her to come back. This event finally brings some smiles to the family members faces and they slowly start healing from the past. We saw Shaz Khan too for the first time in a drama serial but I am we all remember him from the Coke ad. [1] It was written by Farhat Ishtiaq, based on Duraid's novel Woh Yakeen Ka Naya Safar and was directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. The older cast consisted of Ehtisham Uddin, Farhan Ali Agha, Beenish Raja, Sabiha Sumar and Huma Nawab; these very talented and respected actors did not surprise us with their amazing performances throughout. The ensemble cast totally did justice to their roles. Saved by Stefeni Doll. As because of her positive nature, Gaeti left behind her trauma of Daniyal's death and started to socialize. At the 15th Lux Style Awards, it won two awards and received four nominations. She then attends Jahangir Shah's conference and kills everyone. Losing her mother at the tender age of 16 and witnessing her death at the hands of her father left Zubia shaken. The family maintains a significant reputation in the community as Usman, Daniyal and Asfandyar's father, is a successful lawyer, too. Yaqeen Ka Safar had started off on a promising note but after nineteen weeks seems to be meandering around with no sense of purpose nor an end in sight.. As a novel Yaqeen Ka Safar had been Zubiya and Daniyal’s story, Daniyal and Gaiti’s track and Zubiya’s familial issues se bharpoor kahani were both used as … A man of truth, Daniyal tried all he could to get justice for Noori, not caring for his own safety. 20.5k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘yaqeenkasafar’ hashtag Yakeen Ka Safar is a Pakistani drama very near to the real life in Pakistan. She does this because she has lied a lot about her past to everyone and believes that when Asfi will end up remembering the Rameez incident, he will leave Zubiya thinking that she is a characterless woman. Yakeen ka Safar was Sabeena’s first drama serial and well, we could see that. In 2017, he started auditioning for Hum TV's production house MD Productions and was cast as a leading role in Yaqeen Ka Safar and a recurring role in Sammi, the latter went into production early but he gained a wider recognition and fame with the former where he played a grief-stricken brother as Dr. Asfand Yaar, alongside Sajjal Ali. ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ is currently the top drama on Pakistani television.The romance between Dr. Asfi and Dr. Zubia has taken the country by storm, with people shipping them all over. It was also released on the iflix as a part of the channel's contract, later on terminated the contract in 2019, all episodes were pulled off and thus could not be streamed digitally anymore. In novel, Zubiya (Sajal Aly) just thought about suicide while in drama she committed it. It premiered in Pakistan, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and UAE with the same date and timings. Faryal and Asfandyar are engaged and set to marry when he becomes a doctor. After he returned, he proposes to Zubiya but she rejects the proposal saying that temporary infatuation doesn't mean you can get married. ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’ is currently the top drama on Pakistani television.The romance between Dr. Asfi and Dr. Zubia has taken the country by storm, with people shipping them all over. A poor village girl, who is gang raped and left for dead by powerful people of the village. Yakeen Ka Safar (2017) Series Cast & Crew. From here Zubiya was greatly abused by her family and her friends break all ties with her. She is shown as a supportive person who never makes a fuss if her husband comes home late or forgets her birthday; she is almost too good to be true. Asfandyar is engaged to his other cousin Faryal, the only daughter of Usman's brother, Rizwan. Despite Rehan and Sheena's arguments, Khalil gets her admitted to a medical college as it was her mother's wish that she becomes a doctor. PSL Schedule 2018 - Cricket Comes Home, Again! Rumana informs Daniyal about the Noori gang-rape incident.

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