Some of the health tests recommended for the Australian Shepherd breed as specified by the American Kennel Club are: So, how else can you help ensure your blue merle Australian Shepherd’s health? Keep reading to find out all about the blue merle Australian Shepherd. The patches can appear all over the body and can be in many different shapes and sizes. You can also help ensure the health of your blue merle Australian Shepherd by practicing proper grooming. With a life span of approximately 12 to 16 years, blue merle Australian Shepherd dogs are primarily healthy. Sometimes blue merle Australian shepherds have been known to have patches of brown on their hind legs and back. Blue Heeler Australian shepherd mix at its worse Pushy, nippy and smart enough to outthink you. We will talk more about grooming your blue merle Australian Shepherd below. A bored dog can be prone to destructive behaviors and sickness because their immune system can weaken due to anxiety. Page 1 of 9. We encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to ask the breeder. And one of the biggest findings, as specified by Dr. Stanley Coren, Ph.D., is that coat color in dogs has been linked to congenital deafness. To better ensure your Aussie is healthy and happy, experts recommend making sure he is health screened. Australian Shepherd puppies are easy to train and learn commands faster than most breeds, which is good news for any hunter or outdoorsman. There are on-going research studies, but still nothing as of yet. Teacup Australian Shepherds may be: black; blue merle; red; red merle; In addition, they may have tan and/or white markings. Yes, it’s true that most blue merles have solid eye colors. For example, in this reddit post, a user is claiming that a “reputable” breeder is charging him more for both merles and tri-colors. But is there more to the blue merle Australian Shepherd specifically than meets the eye? Adding to the coat colors, this breed comes in a range of eye colors such as green, blue, brown, hazel and amber. Keep in mind that these four colors are the colors officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.For more information, check out the AKC website and click “breed standard.”. With these options, your dog can grow up happy, healthy and well-adjusted. When you have two dominant copies, you get what’s called a “double merle,” which will produce a dog that certainly has serious health problems. Even their eyes can be special in terms of coloring. .hide-if-no-js { . These dogs come in a splendid blue merle (black patches on gray fur) with only tan/copper markings. The Blue Merle gene is dominant. By providing your Aussie with sufficient socialization, obedience training and exercise, you’ll have a happy and healthy dog. MEMBERS CORNER. PuppySpot › Puppies for Sale › Australian Shepherd › Bobby Blue 667347. Disadvantages? Both parents are our dogs and can be seen during pick up. Oct 22, 2015 - Explore Joy Scothern's board "Australian Shepherd Blue Merle", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd will be affectionate and loving to your family. Despite these dogs being classified as “blue merle,” Solid Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are not as common as you think. The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd will thrive on high-quality dog food, one that is high in protein and moderately rich in healthy fat. However, there are health issues that may arise that are much more common with blue merles. The solid eye colors of blue merles include either brown or blue. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, March 27, 2019 By Madison Guthrie 6 Comments. If you’ve decided on an Australian Shepherd, there are a lot of different colors to choose from. Required fields are marked *. Despite the lack of contrast on the coat, these dogs are downright jaw-dropping. For the most part, the blue merle Australian Shepherd has a combination of blue, grey, black and white in his fur. As a result, you can expect to pay higher prices for these dogs. The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mix is commonly referred to as the Australian Heeler. Studies are still ongoing as to whether the coat color of a dog correlates with his temperament. You may have to pay a little more or deal with potential health problems, but for the most part, they’re just normal Australian Shepherds. The Australian Shepherd is an active, athletic and intelligent breed. Australian Shepherds need plenty of exercise, with at least an hour of walking a day and plenty of backyard play to keep them healthy and happy. About the Australian Shepherd The Australian Shepherd, the cowboy’s herding dog of choice, is a medium-sized worker with a keen, penetrating gaze in the eye. They can offer you certificates of health. The Blue Merle Tri Australian Shepherd is my favorite version from this group. However, unlike the tri color, these Aussies do not have the copper and tan markings on the coat. For potential dog owners that want to lounge around and cuddle with their dog, I do not recommend a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd – or ANY Aussie. Last Updated: 11/09/2020. Your email address will not be published. Most experts agree that there is no real correlation between the color of a dog and his personality outside of superstition, rumor and myth. What this means for the blue merle is that they will be very sensitive in bright light, which can cause a lot of long-term discomfort for them. But is there anything about this dog’s genetic makeup that a prospective owner should know about? etc). Whether it’s obedience training, running, herding or dog sports – they need something to do. Having one of each is the sweet spot and will produce a merle Aussie. A blue merle Australian Shepherd is a term used to describe a specific coat color of the Australian Shepherd breed. −  With that said, the biggest influence on the temperaments of these dogs are in your hands. Belying his name, the Australian Shepherd is a breed developed in America as a sheepdog to work on the ranches. So, why get a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd? Welcome To Our Home On The Web. Are Blue Merles prone to torn Packs??????? Although beautiful in their own right, the Blue Merle and Tan Australian Shepherd is not very common. The color difference between the white markings and gray fur of the blue merle isn’t always obvious. In general, Australian Shepherds are relatively healthy dogs. These dogs have a base coat of the blue merle color, which is essentially black spots on a gray coat. These issues can range anywhere from eye defects to deafness. It is a naturally protective, courageous, loyal and affectionate dog breed. Though there’s potential for many variations of eye color with the blue merle, most of them will have blue eyes with brown specks. Although blue dogs were originally most frequently seen, the breed is seen now in a variety of Merle patterns and tricolours. This gene is not exclusive to merles. The Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is also known as a Texas Heeler or a Texas Cattle Dog. Very friendly with people but a stranger danger dog who barks warnings never bites once we say “okay”. Australian Shepherds come in several colors: blue merle, red merle, red, tri-color (white, black, and tan), and black. See more ideas about australian shepherd, aussie dogs, australian shepherd dogs. A blue merle Australian Shepherd is a term used to describe a specific coat color of the Australian Shepherd breed. The blue merle is not one specific coat color. But does coat color have anything to do with congenital issues like health or temperament? As you can imagine, these dogs are elegant and unique – some of the world’s most beautiful dogs. The Australian Shepherd can be prone to boredom if not properly trained and exercised every day. He needs plenty of exercise every day, as well as mental stimulation to keep him physically and mentally sound. This is especially true if they’re a pure Aussie from a reputable breeder. “Australian Shepherd,” The American Kennel Club, Buzhardt, L., “Genetics Basics – Coat Color Genetics in Dogs,” VCA Hospitals, Coren, S., 2012, “Your Dog’s Coat Color Predicts His Hearing Ability,” Psychology Today, “Deafness & White,” 2013, Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, “Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs May Help Explain Human Stress and Weight,” Stanford University Medical Center, Science News, Howell, T.J., et al., 2015, “Puppy Parties and Beyond: The Role of Early Age Socialization Practices on Adult Dog Behavior,” School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe, Ruvinsky, A. and Sampson, J., 2001, “The Genetics of the Dog,” Centre for Agriculture Blue is family raised with children and would make a fun addition to anyone’s family. There should be no other color markings on a solid blue merle, including the popular white and copper/tan markings. They’re such beautiful dogs that you’ll certainly turn some heads at the dog park with these highly attractive blue merles. His one issue is he is a “reactive dog” to new and strange changes (like wearing a new hat, vacuum cleaner, riding in car, thunder, gunfire, Hates horses! In the past, most reputable breeders did not charge extra for color choice. The Australian Shepherd is undeniably one of the best dog breeds in the world. Thank you for more tips about bathing, screening for deafness, and activity/anxiety! Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? However, most of these dogs will have specks of colors on their colored eyes. Some of the coat colors most linked to deafness in dogs are white, piebald, roan and merle. As previously mentioned, the Australian Shepherd originates from Spain where they were used as working dogs by Basque shepherds. Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale: 9 Months: £650: lizzybellnjweng0 London, DN22 6AS: Australian Shepherd Puppies: 9 Months: £550: patriciawparson Harrow, HA2 6AU: Beautiful Australian Shepherd Puppies: 11 Months: £450: nmbdwcppp Lundon, W1S 3PR: qyqyqy: 5 Years: £16: taritaf Thoiry, NONE 01710: For sale litter Red Tri: 14 Years: £600 But what actually makes these dogs look the way they do? A Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is much more than a uniquely colored coat. We call this “marble eyes” and they’re amazing to look at. However, Australian Shepherds, in general, can be predisposed to a number of genetic health issues. The blue merle Australian Shepherd can be predisposed to congenital deafness. 12/15/2020. This playful pup is vet checked, up to date on shots and wormer, plus comes with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. Variations of Blue Merle Australian Shepherds. The blue merle Australian Shepherd, an active breed, needs to have his nails cut or ground down regularly to keep them from breaking or splitting. ABOUT. But they have found that specific coat colors like white, piebald, roan and merle have been linked to congenital deafness in dogs. Always make sure to ask the breeder about eye conditions of the parents and lineage if you want to keep a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Here’s the complete guide to the stunning Blue Merle Aussie. Still, these dogs are seen from time to time. 2 Although he is known as a grazing dog, But the Australian Shepherd dog has a knack for all sorts of sporting activities. In other words, the eyes of the dog won’t be able to dilate or contract properly. Instead, they only have white markings. This also helps to keep loose hair at bay. They have such a breathtaking color combination that passersby can’t help but stare in awe. But with the right family, the Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd … Though the patches will vary in size and appearance, there is always a gray back. and Berryere, T.G., 2007, “Genes Affecting Coat Colour and Pattern in Domestic Dogs: A Review,” Animal Genetics. Together they make some seriously cute designer puppies! They’re full of energy and have a lively personality. 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Australian Shepherd BreedersRed Merle Australian ShepherdAussie PuppiesMini Australian ShepherdsAussie ShepherdAustralian Shepherd PuppiesBlue Eyed DogHuskySchaefer He is going on 10. Tell us your thoughts on this handsome dog in the comment section below. There is a lot hidden under this thick fur that you may not have known. Scientists have been able to conclude that coat color and certain health issues are related. For the most part, Aussie dogs are incredibly intelligent and friendly. Come join us for a … Of course, early socialization is a must for this breed. It can also sometimes lead to a serious infection, so keep an eye out. For Australian Shepherds especially, exercise and training plays a major role in his health and happiness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Australian Shepherd dogs, in general, have very dense, thick, double-layer coats that need a lot of work. Share. The Australian Shepherd’s coat is already built to protect him from both the heat and the cold. The four basic coat base colors of the Australian Shepherd includes: Though we’re only going to be covering the blue merle in the article, the others are just as great. You may also hear them referred to as the Texas Heeler or the Queensland Heeler Australian Shepherd mix. If the base color of the eye is blue, then the are likely to have brown specks. Aussies were first taken over to Australia by shepherds who emigrated there at the end of the nineteenth century. Cajun Blue Eye 11wks old . Aussies might have any combination of brown, blue, … We’ve established that mini Australian Shepherd … These dogs have the iconic blue merle coat as a base color. The blue merle Australian Shepherd is known for his intelligence, wit and ability to outsmart his human family. Their coat is a combination of white, black, gray, and blue hairs which creates an aesthetically pleasing effect. Rather, there are four distinct variations of the Blue Merle Aussie. The blue merle Australian Shepherd is one variation of a number of color combinations of the Australian Shepherd breed. Date Available: December 16, 2020 . You may have to bathe him unexpectedly from time to time. If you want pictures please txt (740)244 … Some more common than others, but all gorgeous and beautiful. How Big Are Mini Australian Shepherds? So, how does this relate to your blue merle Australian Shepherd? Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking, the blue merle Australian Shepherd (and generally the Australian Shepherd breed) is an American hero with Aussie roots. If you’re worried that your blue merle will be “different,” don’t be. Use a slicker brush and an undercoat rake to help keep your blue merle Australian Shepherd’s coat looking its best. Are they a tad calmer and more laid back? A broken nail on a dog can be extremely painful for the pup. We love the Australian Shepherd breed for his unique look. In love!! blue merle australian shepherd , It is a medium sized sports dog. He was my first dog and I did great with him. Making sure you maintain a healthy and balanced diet for your blue merle Australian Shepherd can have a huge impact on his overall health. Australian Shepherds first came to the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, they’re extremely rare and aren’t considered completely ethical to breed.  =  We can relate as we had to put down our precious Myah red Aussie this past March and she was only 11.5 yrs old. I would like to begin this introduction by telling the story of how my admiration for the Australian Shepherd breed came about. This depends in part on genetics and in part chance. But what’s unique about the blue merle tri is that they have highlights of white and copper/tan around the muzzle, ears, legs, bottom and chest. As veterinarian Lynn Buzhardt explains, the coat color of dogs, regardless of their breed, is due to two foundation colors. As a matter of fact, he claims he would need to pay $800 for a tri-color and $1000 for a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. We will have 6 conformation shows with a great judge lineup! However, this breed … They are sought after because they aren’t that common as compared to solid-coated Aussies. Do you own a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd? Some are much more common than the others. They Thrive in Dog Sports. The Blue Merle Tri Colored Australian Shepherd is perhaps the most common among the four variations. It’s a little hard to differentiate between the blue merle/tan versus the blue merle tri color. Athletic, loyal and intelligent, the Australian Shepherd is the ideal dog. Your email address will not be published. The blue merle Australian shepherd dog has a combination of blue, gray, black, and white in the fur. Size: Large. While temperament and coat color have yet to be linked, scientists have found that certain coat color genes go hand in hand with a dog’s health. But if you’re looking specifically for a Blue Merle and Tan Australian Shepherd, you may have a difficult time doing so. Are you interested in getting a blue merle Australian Shepherd? A blue merle Australian Shepherd is one of the four recognized varieties of the breed. I currently have a male Aussie border mix and predominant border genetics took over in looks and temperament. Are there any benefits of choosing a Blue Merle over another colored Australian Shepherd? The Australian Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds that commonly have two different colored eyes, called heterochromia. This is an excellent dog for active families who have time on their hands to exercise, train and play with their Aussie. A high energy dog that is destructive when bored. And while the blue merle Australian Shepherd is an active dog, he only needs an occasional bath. Events. They may have blue eyes or brown eyes, with some dogs having one of each! Share this listing: Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix. We feel so lonely for her, she left us way too soon, a most lovable and sensitive doggie! KC pedigree German shepherd ready to go. Sep 25, 2017 - Explore Ruth C. Robin's board "blue merle australian shepherd" on Pinterest. Bobby Blue 9 people are interested in this puppy Australian Shepherd. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. These dogs have the iconic blue merle coat as a base color. BREEDERS DIRECTORY. There are many other colors for these dogs, such as sable, yellow and other dilute colors. However, all are beautiful and unique. Make sure the dog food is specified for his age, weight and activity level. Not only are they highly intelligent dog breeds, but they’re also hard workers. Location: Lynn, IN 47355. Yes, the blue merle Aussie is as gorgeous as he is intelligent. Unfortunately, some well-meaning Aussie owners opt to shave their dogs to keep them cool in the summer and to help alleviate shedding and matting. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Whether you have a black-tri, red merle or blue merle Aussie, there really is no difference other than the “cosmetics” or appearance. When going through a breeder, ask for certificates of health. It is great with active children. See more ideas about australian shepherd, australian shepherd blue merle, blue merle. Australian Shepherds get along well with children and other household pets. £2,500 . Without the tan markings, they can look a little bit like a Siberian Husky. These two base colors, believed to be black and red, lead to a number of different combinations of coat colors in dogs. 5 days ago. However, issues arrive when dogs inherit this gene from both parents, giving them a double Merle. They are a mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Australian Cattle Dog and are commonly used as a working dog on a farm or ranch. Your blue merle Australian Shepherd will likely need his fur trimmed around his belly, paws and buttock for cleanliness reasons. How does the Aussie compare to a Border Collie? Again, these Aussies have a base coat of blue merle, which is black patches on a gray/white coat. RECOMMENDED: 14 Beautiful Australian Shepherd Colors. He may not be the best companion choice for those who suffer from allergies. But overall, he does fine with weekly brushing and an occasional visit to a dog groomer. Male • 5 weeks $3549 . Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club. Double Merles are more prone to health problems like deafness and eye issues. They’ll even love you the same as any other Aussie. However, this breed can be prone to getting messy on his adventures. It makes devoted friend and guardian. Speaking of health, let’s talk more about the blue merle Australian Shepherd’s health and how it may or may not correlate with his coat color. Aussies are attractive and steal your heart with various coat colors. We are happy to announce that our litter of 8 puppies is ready to meet new families. Australian Shepherds have a medium-length coat that features either solid black, blue merle, solid red or red merle colors. CONTACT. Bobby Blue; Australian Shepherd; Male, 5 weeks; View All Favorites. They are the same dogs with a great personality. This means he may consider anything smaller than himself something to be droved. Red merle Australian shepherds are likely to thrive in dog sports such as … Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Loved him so much my kids got me a Merle Aussie for Christmas. Your Australian Shepherd needs his ears checked regularly to keep them from becoming infected due to waxy buildup, debris and excess moisture. The Aussie also needs plenty of consistent training throughout his life to keep him from becoming bored and subsequently destructive. The blue merle Australian Shepherd is a pup sure to catch anyone's eye. Loyal, affectionate and devoted the Texas Heeler is a challenge for a first-time owner. They’re the same great dogs with fantastic work ethics. According to the ASCA, the merle gene determines whether the dog is merle – either red or blue merle. For instance, Australian Shepherds are hyper active dogs that need to work. {{Infobox dog breed | image = Redtriaussie01.jpg | image_caption = Red Australian Shepherd | nickname = | country = United States display: none !important; Also, tell us which blue merle coats you like the best! The breed is very graceful, intelligent, loyal and hardworking. We call this gene an “incomplete dominant.”. This dog stands between 18 and 23 inches tall and can weigh around 40 to 65 pounds. (Dog,Australian Shepherd, breeder, puppies, For Sale, Arkansas, Blue, Red, Merle, Tri, Aussie) Welcome to our website. EVENTS. Furthermore, does coat color coincide with this dog’s temperament and health? Sometimes blue merle Australian shepherds have been known to have patches of brown on their hind legs and back. Australian Shepherd, puppies, 12 weeks, blue-merle and black-tri|Australian Shepherd, Welpen, 12 Wochen, blue-merle und black-tr Australian Shepherd puppies are agile, energetic and mature into valued herding dogs and loyal companions who want to please. Cajun Blue Eye - Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy for Sale in Lynn, IN. I had a rescue tri Aussie who passed away last December at 12 1/2 yrs. For example, Coloboma is an eye condition that affects the Aussie’s iris. Of course there are other factors, such as lineage and gender. Merle-colored Aussies, especially the blue merle, are highly sought after. But how do you avoid the potential health problems that come with the merle gene? If you rescue, you may opt to have your dog health tested on your own. By all accounts, the blue merle Australian Shepherd makes a fabulous companion for the right person or family. These are athletic dogs who are best suited for experienced dog owners due to their ability to outwit their human counterparts. Related Post: High Protein Dog Food. Scientists have yet to find definitive proof that coat color has any correlation with a dog’s temperament. Keep reading for all the information you need to know about this awesome hybrid! Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you’re getting it from the right individual. With this said, the breed was mainly developed in the United States. }. 8 weeks to 15 weeks of age. Coming in Red and Black, the Australian Shepherd has copper or white markings in its face, legs, and chest. So if an Australian Shepherd inherits this from a parent, it will be Blue Merle. If you don’t want your couch destroyed, make sure you have the time and patience to keep these dogs working. Throughout the years, this dog breed has been known by several different nicknames, including Aussie and Spanish Shepherd. Aussies have bright and lively personalities with an energetic lifestyle. However, this is not the only health issue you should consider when thinking of making a blue merle Australian Shepherd your new pet. Blue merle Australian Shepherds may have stunning blue eyes, brown eyes, amber eyes, or even one eye that is blue and one eye that is brown. However, there are things to consider when debating on whether you want to get a blue merle. The Australian Shepherd and the Blue Heeler are two hardworking and beautiful dogs. LINKS. In any case, these dogs are great and have an unusual appearance that makes for a good ice breaker or conversation starter. The dog’s iris doesn’t fully develop, so it doesn’t work as well as a normal Aussie eye. In my opinion, they’re the most beautiful because they have deep rich contrasts in colors. The Blue Merle and White Australian Shepherd is a merle variation as marvelous as the blue merle tri color. For the blue merles that you see, only one copy of this is necessary. But with a sharp increase in demand for blue merles, many breeders have opted to charge a premium. For the most part, they’re quite optimistic and friendly dogs. He’s great with small children but will try and herd them, patrols our large average, was trained to pull a single dog sled when we lived in upstate NY, is a frisbee addict and loves agility. If you are finding a loving, affectionate, and friendly dog breed, Aussie could be the right choice for you. This will help with his overall happiness and adaptability, as well as mental health as he gets older.

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